No Man’s Sky: Could Be Bad?… Good! by Andrew Campbell

No Man’s Sky: Could Be Bad?… Good! by Andrew Campbell

Have you packed your bags? Have you readied your body and mind? Have you a strong constitution for the mysterious voyage of deep space travel?!

Okay, I might be a little too excited. You could probably use a snack though.

This is it, folks! The new era of gaming has been scheduled to launch following the expectant throng of curious minds and gamers new and old ready to see what this game has to offer. And the most exciting part about it is that in only a month’s time, we could all be laughing about its promises of beauty and potential as it crumbles into obscurity. And I’ll be the first one to feel like, how do you put this lightly, a horse’s ass?

In fact, I think that’s what a lot of us are afraid of. If I have any input on the subject of horse-assery, it is that first: I relish in the opportunity to look like a horse’s ass (as those of you who humbly watch Super Scope Show may know). Maybe that’s completely wrong and backwards, but it helps me learn new things. But here’s a hint for you pesky pessimists out there… the only thing the world is dominating in these days is technology and entertainment.

It’s 2016. We have printers that make pancakes, and the same company that produces an Emmy award-winning show can also sell you this mug. With global politics and everything it can grab on its way down the toilet bowl, our technology and our entertainment is more amazing than ever before. We have thousands of shows. When your friend says they’ve never heard of your favorite show, it’s likely you’ve never heard of theirs either. Our technology is jaw-dropping. You want roads powered by the sun? Done. Skyscrapers that cool themselves? Done. Chairs made from cow farts? Have a seat, cowpie!


All jokes aside, we revere our technology and our entertainment because they’re the best thing we have going for us as, well, human beings right now. Though that leaves us a lot of work to do in the future, the present finds us at a turning point for both as the two industries have a chance to create something very special in No Man’s Sky.

At the intersection of Technology and Entertainment, No Man’s Sky doesn’t promise us the world. It’s promising us a universe. All we can hope is that it is one we can stay in for awhile.

… “But what if it’s not good?”

Fear not, weary Travellers! There are worse things than buyer’s remorse (like, for instance, actual remorse). Also, if No Man’s Sky crash and burns, that only means that it was the first step in an otherwise awesome projection for any other procedurally-generated endeavour. When NMS is released, all eyes will be on it. All eyes meaning other developers, programmers, inventors, and futurists who grew up in this gaming generation that will want a crack at this technology. My tiny brain can barely wrap itself around the possibilities of what the future holds for gaming and technology globally once better minds than mine get their hands on it.


As for me? Well, I’m already building my ship in my mind. Something with a lot of cargo space and hyperdrive upgrades. An explorer’s interstellar laboratory. And I hope to stay connected with all of you, and maybe someday we’ll be able to share stories of what we’ve found in this crazy universe, as well as what we find in No Man’s Sky. Who knows, maybe some of us at TOVG will be sharing our No Man’s Sky adventures with you as we traverse the virtual terrain of the unknown together. All I can say is, the hype train is leaving the platform. It’s been a wonderful summer and we at TOVG hope that you’ve been enjoying it and will continue to enjoy it. If following this game has taught me anything, it’s that there are hundreds of choices you can make at any given moment. So long as you make them, that’s progress. As long as we keep trying, we will keep getting better.

Safe travels,

Internationally Certified Field Reporter Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is beloved around the world for his certified field reporting and contributions to the TOVG team. Check him out on Twitter @SSNAndrew and on Instagram @andrewcampbellartistThank you for accompanying him on the journey thus far!